Hypobabies in the time of COVID-19

Why Hypnobabies is needed now more than ever.

If you know me, you will already know that I am a HUGE advocate for this childbirth preparation program, and have been for the past 11+ years. 

I didn't think it was possible for me to feel more passionate about how beneficial it is to pregnant and expecting families but that time has come.

And here's why... 


We are living in an un-precedented and extremely stressful time. So many changes are happening, our lives are transforming drastically within days (hours even), being separated from loved ones and peers, etc

And yet our babies are still being welcomed into this new uncertain world. This may even be arguably one of the only constants at the moment. 


Here's how Hypnobabies can help: 

Comprehensive Childbirth Education
ALL the
(Calm in the
Birth Partner

Comprehensive Prenatal Education

For most of us today, the future is very uncertain. What I know from years of educating and supporting expectant families is that being informed can help us feel more in control. We cannot always control outcomes (in birth OR where the world is going at the moment) but we CAN control our decisions and responses. 

When you are informed and educated about all possible decisions around your birth, how to get the best support possible, etc - this WILL absolutely help you feel like you have even that small bit of control. Being well-informed can help us feel empowered - and that is a very important key to having a positive birth experience!

Many people don't realize that Hypnobabies is an extremely comprehensive, evidence-based prenatal education course PLUS a hypnosis program (more on this below). 
For a look at topics that are covered, please see the course outline

~ Good to Know ~
The majority of our time in class is spent on covering the information - we end class each week with a hypnosis session and then you practice what you've learned on your own throughout the week (more on the benefit of this below).

Changing Plans

People are changing their birth plans based on current protocols and requirements.

Many are choosing to switch to Home Birth to avoid the potential exposure in hospitals and also to free up resources in hospitals. 

See the CBC's article on this here or the Vancouver Sun's Article here.
For more info on Home Birth Safety, click here


Alternately, many people are planning to stay at home as long as possible before going to the hospital to limit interactions and possible exposure. 

Options for actual pain relief are also being limited (no gas, long waits for epidurals, questions around waterbirth...) for a variety of reasons. 

All of this means less access to pain medications in an already stressful time and an even stronger need for education/empowerment/support over fear/chaos/desperation.

Further, folks who are still planning on birthing in the hospital (either by personal choice or necessity) are also having to change their plans for support AT the birth.

Many hospitals across the nation (& in the Lower Mainland) are limiting the number of support people allowed at the birth. This often means only 1 person - a partner, a doula OR a family member/close friend... NOT all. If you have a partner who will be a part of the birth, it makes sense that they have a solid understanding of how to support you and a number of tools that can help them in this (more on this below).

ALL the Tools

This is a big one. In Hypnobabies, we cover everything that you would learn in a traditional prenatal class (position changes & movement, touch, breathing, water options, etc and as already mentioned education)
~ PLUS ~ 

     Deepening Cues
     Instant Self-Hypnosis
     Post-Hypnotic Suggestions
     Daily Practice & Connection
     18 mp3s (including 5 specifically for the actual day, 1 for the partner)
Extensive Partner Involvement & Support (more on this below)

Hypnosis (Calm in the Storm)

If you are curious about how hypnosis works for birthing, I highly recommend you check out this article "Hypnosis For Childbirth: What Is It & How Does It Work?"

Click here for more info on Hypnosis (in general)

Relevant today more than ever.

As already mentioned above, choosing home birth or planning on staying at home as long as possible will mean less access to pain medications available in a hospital setting so having ALL the tools just makes good sense! 

~ AND ~
What I've heard anecdotally over the past decade + of supporting families is that when you dedicate even a small part of your day (one hypnosis session a day, affirmations, mindfulness) life in general becomes a LOT more manageable.

I have had so.many.students over the years share that their anxiety and stress levels have improved, increased sleep quality, etc etc
This has also been my own personal experience. 

Try Hypnosis for FREE! 
Hypnobabies offers 2 free mp3s, one of which is a hypnosis session called "Instantly Calm"
Click here to Access Download

Extensive Birth Partner Training

Last but not least...

This is hands-down one of my favourite parts of the Hypnobabies program. It's also the primary reason why my husband and I drove about 3 hours (return trip) every week for 6 weeks before the birth of our first child to attend a full 6-week class series with another instructor even though I had already been teaching for 6 years and had taught the classes literally over 100 times at that point (!).

Even in "normal" times, it's not uncommon for the non-pregnant partner to feel a bit lost in terms of what they can do to be involved in a pregnancy: attend a few prenatal appointments (currently not an option)... Show up to watch a few videos? Read a book? 
(My partner was no exception here I assure you - he really had no idea how to support me and felt, quite frankly, a bit helpless & intimidated)

And now, with less support people being admitted in hospitals and an expected increase in Home Births - partners will need to step up!

This is the time for excellent birth partner training. 

And this is what you get with Hypnobabies. 

They will of course learn all of the important prenatal information alongside their pregnant partner (instrumental in being an active participant in decision making)

~ AND ~


  • Actually take part in the weekly hypnosis practice (3 times a week they will be able to read a hypnosis script to their partners)

  • Have their own hypnosis session ("Relax Birth Partner and Be Confident" - much needed in these uncertain times!)

  • Receive a Quick Reference booklet to use during the birth

  • Receive a Birth Partner's Guide: we spend the entire half of class 5 focusing on reviewing this so that partners know explicitly how they can support their partners, what tools THEY (partners) have, signs that things are progressing, what if things aren't 'progressing' - is this normal?, dealing with a change of plans, etc.

  • A "Cheat Sheet" is provided outlining what tools the birthing parent can use themselves as well as what tools partners can use to support

  • Education: an informed birth partner is a more relaxed birth partner during the birth. Enough Said.

  • An opportunity to connect
    A few times a week, you both can have a dedicated activity that not only connects you with each other but it is a fantastic way to connect with your BABIES!!! Babies love hypnosis (so much so that the hypnosis scripts incorporate phrases like "the more movement that your baby makes brings you deeper into hypnosis")

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