Registering for a Hypnobabies Class

To register, contact me. 

You can try calling me at 604.375.8831 although texting first to coordinate usually works best as I'm not always able to answer my phone with two young kids underfoot!

You can also email me for more info & to set up a time to connect on the phone so that I can make sure your questions are answered and explain the next steps to confirm your spot in one of my groups! 

When should I take a Hypnobabies Class?

Any time is good - the earlier you begin, the more time you have to practice!


The “ideal” time to start is around 25-30 weeks which gives you lots of time to complete the program AND practice your techniques.

When should I register?

It's never too early to register. Upon registration, you'll receive your very first 2 Hypnobabies hypnosis sessions so you get to start practicing even before you step foot in the classroom!

What are the fees?

Upon registration, a 50% deposit will secure your spot.  The remaining balance is due 2 weeks before our first class. 


My class fee is usually $600 but for now I'm discounting it to $495.

The fee covers more than 18 hours of childbirth education plus all class materials (a $200+ value; including 18 mp3 recordings, a nearly 300 page colour workbook, Quick Reference Guide for Birth, Birth Partner's Guide, Scripts Booklet, Handouts Folder + 25 additional informational handouts & a Hypnobabies cloth bag to carry it all in) AND the full hypnosis program. This fee is for both you and your partner/birth team and includes taxes as well. 

Another way to look at it is that it's $300 for the classes and $195 for the materials / hypnosis program. 

Additionally: For my virtual groups, we are meeting online for a social "Meet & Greet" one week before our official class start date, setting up chat groups to stay connected outside of class, a private Facebook group for my 2020 families AND will be coordinating some form of class reunion or in-person meeting when it is considered safe to do so. 

Are Hypnobabies classes more expensive than other prenatal classes in my area?

No... once you consider the cost of the materials, you are paying about the same as you would for any other Instructor-led prenatal series in the Vancouver area.

Remember, Hypnobabies is 2 programs in 1 (Hypnosis PLUS more than 18 hours of comprehensive Prenatal Education)

Please Note: Because class size is limited, typically fill up well in-advance and it is impossible to join a Hypnobabies series after the first class, all fees are non-refundable. Exceptions can be made at my discretion.

Contact Me

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