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Experienced Hypnobabies Instructor
2x Hypno-Mom



In 1997 I witnessed the birth of my nephew. Like many other birth professionals, witnessing this first birth changed so much for me. But my love of birth remained only a 'hobby' for the next decade+. In my previous life, I worked for the Federal Government & was the "weirdo" in the office who had been to other people's births 'for fun'. 

Originally from the Maritimes and after spending 7 years in Central Canada, my job brought me to BC in early 2006 & I happened to have a friend who was a doula & who worked at a Midwifery Clinic in Vancouver. This opened up an entire new world to me but it wasn't until I met someone who was trained in Hypnosis - who told me they focused on pain management (!?!), that I really felt compelled to make a career move. 

That was in 2008. 

I 'officially' became a doula, completed numerous courses in hypnosis, got a job working at a midwife clinic and signed up for the first Hypnobabies Instructor training that was available.

I started teaching in 2009 & went on to use the program myself for both my own births literally after teaching the course more than 100 times over 6 years to hundreds of couples!

* You can read about my own Hypnobabies birth experiences below.

After 6 years of focusing on only my classes and getting / being pregnant, giving birth and raising my own babies I am very excited to have re-joined the team at Bloom Community Midwives supporting their wonderful team in a part-time, administrative capacity.

Why Hypnobabies? 

When I first learned about hypnosis for pain management, it's easy to see how I quickly learned about the use of hypnosis for childbirth. I started researching the options that were available. 

Different Programs

What many people don't realize is that there are actually several different program options now available to people who want to learn, practice & use hypnosis for their births.


I spent a LOT of time & effort asking questions, meeting with various instructors & trainers, researching, etc until I finally learned about Hypnobabies. I was instantly impressed, signed up for the first Instructor training I could and became the first Hypnobabies Instructor in Canada.

Read more about specifically why I chose Hypnobabies over other 'Hypno-birth' options.

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Exactly as I had envisioned it!