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As you wait for baby

Hypnobabies Class Workbook - Additional Links!
Click here to find *all* of the additional links referenced throughout your workbook. 


Resources for Birth Inspiration 

Keep those positive messages coming! 

Hypnobabies Birth Stories


Birth Videos


From YouTube (a playlist with 18 Hypnobabies birth videos and nearly 2 hours of footage!)



I also regularly share informative articles and positive birth stories on my Facebook page

Again, I highly recommend joining the "Hypnobabies Support Group" on Facebook as well - tons of great questions, encouragement, birth stories, etc.


Additional Tracks 

Just a reminder that Hypnobabies has a number of additional tracks available for instant download (including "Come OUT Baby!", "Breastfeeding Success", "When Your Baby Comes" for postpartum). 



* Love the suggestion to put them in the freezer over (or in) a salad bowl to get a nice curved shape so it can really hug your bottom. 

~ Breastfeeding ~


Resources & Videos


Newborn Breast Crawl

Here's a link to a great video showing the newborn breast crawl we discussed in class last night too.


Breastfeeding - Latch!

The key to breastfeeding success. Hunger cues and helping your baby latch.


Breastfeeding - Hand Expression (a must-have skill!)


Laid Back/Natural Breastfeeding Resources


Hakka Pump

Video Tutorial:
* This is not called a "Hakka" but is the same thing & I've heard good things about it as well. 


Breastfeeding Support

I've included some resources including local lactation consultants as well as BF support groups, etc below - a must for the postpartum resource list! 


Extra Milk?
If you find that you have more milk than you need, you may want to consider becoming a milk donor! Feel free to contact me directly about this (I did this with both my babies).

~ Caring for Your Newborn ~


Newborn Care Class ("Making Sense of Your Baby")

For more info on how to take care of your newborn - this is a great workshop that is currently being offered online.


Newborn Sleep

I've attached a document with some great tips on helping your newborn get better sleep (you too). A great resource with links to more.


I've also been hearing nothing but great things about this mama and her sleep support services: she offers webinars, etc on infant sleep, normal development, expectations, etc and there is no "Cry It Out". I recommend her Facebook Page because you can get all kinds of great tips, info about upcoming events, etc.

And her website:


Another great resource on the science behind Paediatric Sleep:

She also has launched a mini-course for new parents about newborn/infant sleep!


Safe Sleep

Postpartum Support


New Mother & Baby Care (Postpartum Doula Support)


Comfort Techniques & Tools for Understanding Baby's Development


- The Happiest Baby on the Block (comfort measures for the "4th trimester")
* If you search this, you'll also find videos, etc

- Dunstan Baby Language 

You can search for more resources (there are pdf docs on pinterest, etc) but here is an explanation of how it works:

- The Wonder Weeks is an App that explains what's going on with your baby developmentally at different points throughout the first couple of years!

Infant First Aid & First Foods
* This is who we did our "Safe Starts to Solids" course which combined first aid AND a guide to starting solids (what foods, etc). 

This is the Dietician who provided the food part of the workshop here:

* Many of these workshops are also now online!




These ladies do the cooking for you!


- Food Doula


- Food On The Table



Food Delivery Options (you cook)


No Cooking




And, for later... 



Gentle / Respectful Parenting

Parenting can be tricky - your instincts say one thing, the advice you get says another & the way you were raised may be WAAAY different than what is considered 'normal' now! A fascinating and ever-growing world of research is emerging on child brain development, emotional regulation and the long-term effects of those early years. 


I highly recommend looking into positive parenting (also referred to gentle or respectful parenting) - there are many great resources out there. A great & easy place to start is with Podcasts!! I cannot recommend enough *anything* by Janet Lansbury. She does a great podcast called "Unruffled" - each episode is only about 15 minutes long so easy to fit in while driving, nursing (!), cooking, tidying, etc.

She also has many great articles and resources on her website & a couple of books you could get from your library.


Dr Vanessa Lapointe is a local (Lower Mainland) expert. She has 2 books ("Discipline Without Damage" & "Parenting Right from the Start"), an online parenting course and often does speaking engagements as well as parenting conferences. She is very entertaining. 

Her Facebook page also often has some really great resources.

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