Supporting your Clients Using Hypnosis for Birth:

a Workshop for Birth Workers


Anyone who works with or supports families who are using hypnosis to prepare for their births. 

While most of the focus will be from the perspective of someone providing actual birth support, the workshop can also be useful for anyone who works with pregnant families (such as body workers, etc).

* You might also already know me and just want to reconnect for a refresher and to have some questions answered.


Sunday September 27th 2020 from 10:00am-12:00pm 

* End time will be flexible as this is the first time I will be offering this workshop and I am committed to allowing as much time as needed for questions.


This workshop will be held virtually using Zoom. 


$25.00 ($15.00 Already Certified/Trained Hypno-Doulas)

FREE if you've already taken a Hypno-Doula training workshop with me & want to reconnect, ask questions, share experiences & generally create community!

** Email money transfers accepted.




If you've been involved with supporting pregnant people, chances are that you've heard of birth hypnosis. 


Chances are also excellent that you have heard of (or believe in?) many misconceptions. Unfortunately, birth hypnosis is a topic that easily affords a lot of misinformation. 


Join this 2+ hour workshop if you'd like to learn more about hypnosis (in general), how it works for birth & most importantly, how YOU can support your families better. 

Did you know that there are actually several different programs/approaches to birth hypnosis? Did you know that telling your clients/families "I'm familiar with the techniques" or "I'll support whatever you want to do" is actually not enough to effectively support them? 


We'll go over all of this and help you develop a comprehensive plan for providing better support to your hypno-families. We'll cover leading effective prenatal visits with your hypno-families (for doulas). We'll talk about birthing outcomes & expectations (one of the BIG misconceptions), we'll cover training options should you want to become a certified hypno-doula & even experience a hypnosis session!



About Me

I am a birth doula, a certified childbirth educator, 2x hypno-mom, former Hypno-Doula trainer as well as an experienced Hypnobabies Instructor.

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I've been working in the birth world for & teaching prenatal classes (+birth hypnosis) in Vancouver for more than a decade now. One thing that I've heard from past students is the disappointment they've felt after hiring someone thinking they would be able to support them using their hypnosis tools and then not have this happen.

I want to allow time to answer your questions. I also want to connect with you so you feel comfortable reaching out to me if you have any questions in the future & also so that I (selfishly, lol) can feel reassured when I pass your names on to my students and know that they will have the stellar HYPNO support that they deserve. 


I am passionate about helping people have more positive, empowering births - a big part of that (as you likely already know) is having great support. That is my goal in offering this workshop. 

Let's connect!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. 


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